I probably shouldn’t write this but…

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My and my new OS (Win8.1) slowly finding our way to each other.

I think it will be alright.

At least, tumblr is muuuch faster on that new ntb. :o)

IT’S HEEERE! Pretty soon!

I’m so happy!

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I’m 5 am and I waiting for bus to work. I hate this life, jesus.

People are still surprised because I want a next tatto?

Like excuse me, but you don’t know me at all or what?

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Six years and I’m still not over fact I’ll never see you again. But I know you’re still here with us. In our hearts.

Rest in peace, grandpa. We love you.

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Back from Italy. Totally exhausted, but happy.

Home is home.

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I know I wasn’t bere for few days, but hey guys tomorrow is bit day! Italy, get ready!

Oh god how I hate deadlines.

it’s just so stressful to have a deadline.

especially when there’s so many problems.

So I started with Life after death, and after 15 pages I felt so sad and so depressed.

but it’s great book.

just full of pain. :(

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