So I started with Life after death, and after 15 pages I felt so sad and so depressed.

but it’s great book.

just full of pain. :(

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Maybe I’m just paranoid but I think april and may will be my latest months at this work.
I don’t know, I guess I have to ask my boss tomorrow, when she will be back from vacation. Because my contract ends 31/05/2014 and yeah I will be in Italy from 28 may to 8 juny.


we’ll see.

I was at work for three days after vacation and jfc I feel like a total wreck again.

I hate that feel but I just want to quit and do something without so much stress.

it wasn’t probably best idea to go run so soon after surgery.

i guess i have to wait next week.


How I met spider

I never hated spiders, I’m not afraid of them or something, I just don’t like them, that’s all. But today when I was at shower I saw spider with only 3 legs and I felt so sorry for jim so I helped him and got him out od shower. I’m sure my sister will hate me for it if she will se him tomorrow morning.

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i’m still so fucking tired.

it’s like… i will be sick forever or what? :(

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my new favorite thing to do is searching songs on google play and buying them.

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oh god.

i’m doin it again. i’m making new sidebar.


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jfc people star using tumbl savior and stop bitching.

Woohoo, 54, 000 post.


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